October 1, 2008

Plan to build a travel web 2.0 community

In the real work, to exists you must work hardly day and day so you will have sometime to relax to balance your hearth and thought.
But after work, where do you want to go? Anywhere you can find on Internet. But You can't discuss about these paces you want to go like as hotel, bus or food and important is price you must pay for Travel Agent to make this tours.
With Communication Travel you will chat and have more useful information about place you want to go for rest and relax. Anyone have arrived will talk to you about what you must prepare for this trip.
In other case You don't have money to make a trip, you can view and enjoy the nice places through looking these pictures form other members.

Local Travel Agent can post their service and nice places to help tourists have more info about trip which they want like as price, time, food, transport etc ...
I think you will like to Vietnam to make a good trip with your girl friend, your family and meeting friend when I make this project.

I hope you will travel a lot and support to our community your pictures and anything wonderful about your trip.

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